A show about sexuality and faith with music by Ric Neale, Jamie Fletcher and Beccy Owen...

Available to stream and download from Bandcamp


Released February 4, 2017

Produced by Ric Neale and Ed Heaton
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ed Heaton

Ric Neale - Musical Director/Composer/Arranger/Piano/Backing Vocals/Accordion
Jamie Fletcher - Artistic Director/Composer/Drums/Lead Vocals/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Beccy Owen - Writer/Composer/Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Owen Farrow - Drag Queen/Dancer/Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Jim Muckelt - Guitar/Drums/Backing Vocals
Sam Jackson - Double Bass/Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Léonie Higgins - Cello/Backing Vocals
Lizzie Hussey - Violin

Album Artwork by Dave Robbins AKA Thirteen

Watch a performance of "I Believe In You" from the stage show of DANCING BEAR