Lullabies For Parents

Songwriter Ric Neale brings a set of self penned, heartfelt tunes about the beauty and the bleakness of parenting to his new record "Lullabies For Parents" in 2018. Released by Ha! Music.


From the success of his solo records ALL THAT COUNTS and PENCIL, to his reworking of the classic Beach Boys album on RIC NEALE DOES PET SOUNDS, through his theatre work on DANCING BEAR and NEVER WORN along with all his experience as a solo performer taking him as far as South Korea at the beginning of 2017, Ric always puts his heart into the music he writes and performs and this new set of songs is even closer to home...

"I have two young kids and do a lot of the parenting myself and I realised that it's nothing like what people say it is; though often magical, it is lonelier and more painful than I'd expected. Whats more, when I speak to other parents they tend to be saying the same things. I realised that there was no music out there that really deals with these themes - there's loads of music for kids, but nothing about the parental experience".
"With this set of songs, using just a piano and my voice, I've tried to be truthful to my feelings about how beautiful and how bleak it is to invest your life into your children. I was excited about making music that wasn't just 'good' but that had actual purpose for a very specific but wide audience".

Lullabies for parents will be released in 2018 on HA! Records. You can watch an excerpt from Ric's recent UK solo tour that explains everything... 

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