"...But there's a chance I'll hide my heart behind some chords and melody..."

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Released July 11, 2016

Piano and vocals by Ric Neale

All songs written by Ric Neale
Produced by Ric Neale and Mark Pavey
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Pavey

All tracks recorded on June 12th, 13th,and 14th. Piano and vocals were recorded live, with no overdubs or editing

Photography by Mark Pavey, Design by Ric Neale, Font and "Stereo Hifi" logo by Steph Garrigan at Studio Patrick


Things I Could Have Said

There are things I could've said

There's a phrase I could've turned

There's a dictionary that's filled with pretty words

For all to see in black and white

And I could choose the ones she'd like

Cos there are things I could've said to make it right


There's a message I could send

But it needs one last full stop

And there's a 'T' not crossed and an 'I' without a dot

It's all misspelled and underlined

And there's a space where I've not signed

There are things I could've said and we'd be fine


And even if I found the perfect prose

You'd believe it for a while before you read between the lines the words and then you'd go, anyway


There's a chance I'll hide my heart

Behind some chords and melodies

When I should sit her down and tell her how I feel

But now the chance has slipped away

I'm lost with words I didn't say

I know there's things I could've said but it's too late



Piano Time Machine

I can travel to the past

I can bring a memory back to life and live it all again

From no matter when

And I can see into the future

I can dream about a day when I get just what I want

No matter what

In my piano time machine


I can push all the buttons

I got a whole world waiting at the end of my fingertips

When I lift up the lid

I can step on the pedals

I can pull the right string to take me anywhere I want to be

Cause I've got the keys

To my piano time machine

My piano time machine, so won't you come for a ride?


Ooh, ooh, ooh

My piano time machine


We can play an old song

We could blow on the embers of memory that I thought I'd burned

Til the feelings return

Or we could write a new one

And put a fire in my belly that'll help to make my dreams come true

I'll make it through

With my piano time machine, so do you want to come too?


Ooh, ooh, ooh

My piano time machine


So give me 1.21 giggawatts, I'll give you 88 miles an hour

If you want to fall in love then we can give you the power

I might look OK to you because I found somewhere to hide

Because the trouble with a tired heart, is its bigger on the inside



Just The Same

I can see from the look on your face

And I can feel it when you catch your breath when we're in the same place

And I can hear in the words you don't say

In the late night conversations when you give yourself away


You're telling yourself it's all on me

You're hanging on to words you don't believe

But I won't take the blame

Cause you feel just the same

You're running away but you don't get far

You're trying to hide from your own heart

So let's stop playing games

cause you feel just the same


I can tell from the glint in your eye

And I can feel your heart skipping a beat when your hand touches mine

I can see how you change when I'm near

But you're talking about mixed messages, when the message is loud and clear




I don't wanna be the thing you're sad about

But I don't believe that you are strong enough to keep these feelings out






In Me Like Alcohol

Ever since you touched my lips

I have been wasting away

I've been searching for my fix

But I'm just as lost everyday

And I miss the memories that you stole

And all of this reminds me that I've lost control


You're in my like alcohol

You linger in my breath like cigarettes

And I can't sober up

You're in my like alcohol


I light you up and take my turn

And end up with smoke in my eyes

Wait until my fingers burn

Then I run away from the fire

And I can't see, I know that I've gone blind

I can't believe I found you then I lost my mind




You hate me cause you think that I'm your heroin

You hate yourself for being a junkie

But maybe I'm the glass of water that you need

You can't blame me that your so thirsty


You're in my like alcohol

You linger on my breath like cigarettes

And I can't sober up

I can't take the taste away

You're in my like alcohol